Full changelog 4.1

This page displays the latest changelog of the application UNIWeather. Full changelog: I love you, my angel

  • full support of the original data weather provider (CustomWeather)
  • popup icon helps to updating weather data faster (BETA) (from version 4.1)
  • possibility of changing the size and visibility of text in notification(from version 4.1)
  • bugfix display wallpaper on the home screen(from version 4.1)
  • fix errors, bugs, wrong pressure data (from version 4.1)
  • new types of data - Beaufort scale, state of the air
  • processing of notice (added new types of alerts)
  • new option (general weather alert)
  • new backgrounds (you must to download them again)
  • new graphics in some sections
  • colored icons in menu (can be disabled in settings)
  • processing of graphs (transparent, highlighting the current time, the next section)
  • added new maps - earthquake, universal map
  • new section - satellite images
  • several options display data in lists
  • possibility to change the text size of certain elements
  • bug fix rotation during the update
  • faster overview of the latest updates
  • larger amounts of data in notifications
  • added option to display images of weather on widgets (the user must set up a semi-transparent background and other graphical elements or completely transparent widget under widget background color)
  • updated display errors background wallpaper, fixed display mode (fully functional display background images)
  • new type of warning (highlight the threats are defined by the user, only for PRO users)
  • warning notices contained more options (must be set again, because many things have changed)
  • the data in hour / day section shows depending on the current time
  • new options in the settings: Colorful icons, an extension of the current section Data, Text Size, General notes, Downloaded MB usage
  • improved image quality webcams
  • more options data display widget
  • delineation higher quality background images and resize the widget after widget (4.2 and higher)
  • optimization application
  • better quality of application icon

UNIWeather - Weather in pocket (free)
UNIWeather PRO version (1.99$ or 1.49€ depends on the country)

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Data weather provider

I decided to bring back the weather data provider CustomWeather. The weather data provided by OpenStreetMap are too much inaccurately. Some facts about provider:

  • Accurate international weather forecasts (over 70,000 worldwide)
  • Global text weather briefings
  • Multi-lingual weather forecasts and data
  • Raw, high resolution global satellite mosaics
  • Forecasted airports delays
  • High resolution gridded binary weather data
  • Marine weather forecasts
  • Doppler radar mosaics
  • Streaming raw weather data
  • Wireless weather services
  • Weather forecast data plotting - via CWView portal or custom data feed for map overlays.
  • CWView weather model plot portal featuring dozens of weather variables from numerous

New weather types

Beaufort scale, sky description, UV index or precipitation description. This data were integrated in the latest version. For example:

  • ,,Weather station" icon is Beaufort scale
  • ,,Sunglasses" icon is UV index
  • ,,Snowflake" icon is Snowfall
  • ,,Umbrella" icon is Rainfall
  • ,,Sun up" icon is Sunrise
  • ,,Sun down" icon is Sunset
  • ,,Eye down" icon is Visibility
  • ,,1 drop" icon is Humidity
  • ,,3 drops" icon is Dew point
  • ,,Arrow icon" is Wind direction
  • ,,Person figure" is Windchill
  • and even more...

New types of alerts

I implemented basic warning, that you probably already saw in any other weather apps. But this feature is only for PRO user. It notifies you, when any dangerous will occur. When you will buy PRO version, go into Settings section, scroll down and you could find there row with the title ,,Notificaton" with red alert icon. Click on that and in the dialog, enable notifications and customize them as you wish. You can also test them, just to check if eeverything is correct. In the notification area you can see sample of the warning notification.
(it's in the BETA test, but should work)

New backgrounds

You can enjoy new wallpapers, that will be displayed, in some sections, on the walpaper or as the background of the widgets. You can download this background pack in the application. Open menu on your left, scroll down and you could find there subsection Wallpapers under Settings. Open it and download them. It should took 13 MB of external memory. You can also make this process little faster. Download the pack from this link and copy them directly also with the name of the directory on the external memory.

New graphics

All screen are completelly redesigned for every type of the Android device. If you have smartphone with resolution 320x480 or you own tablet with 1280x800 and SDK 3.0, the layouts should fit for every device. Also portrait mode of the screen or landscape. But maybe you are one of the persons, who doesn't like current images. So you can REDESIGN THEM.
What do you need?

    Step by step:
  • locate the images on the /external_card/UNIWeather_Wallpaper/ on your Android device or download them here
  • there should be exactly 70 images, that will display depending on the weather state for current type
  • open the image in any graphical editor and customize the image
  • or
  • find your desired images on the internet and replace them
  • CAUTION: the name should be predefined, so you can't rename them, or they will not display

Colored menu icons

Some users like colorful icons and after many emails and suggestions, I implemented this feature in the app. Of course, if you don't like this icons, you can turn them off. Go to the section Settings and there should be row with the title Color menu icons. Turn this option and restart the app. And you have already original menu icons.

Redesign of graphs

If you didn't like look of the graphs on older version, you are right. There were boring. So I tried to redesign the graphs and I also tried to observe the rules of Android design guide. In the hourly section you can also swipe the graph from left to right and opposite. There are 4 graphic types of graphs. You can find there:

  • line graphs
  • line graphs filled below
  • multi line graphs
  • bar graph

New maps

Added two new maps: EarthQuake map and Universal map. So it means that there are completely 16 map types. You can also set the transparency of some maps, that this feature enable. If you have any problems with displaying of any maps, go into section Setting and find there row with the title Alternative maps and turn on this option. It should fix the problems.

  • Weather Station map
  • Europe RADAR map
  • Google Maps
  • Quantity of precipitation
  • Precipitation classic style
  • Rain precipitation
  • Rain classic style
  • Snow precipitation
  • Cloud Cover
  • Clouds classic style
  • Sea Level Pressure
  • Sea Level Pressure contour
  • Temperature
  • Wind Speed
  • EarthQuakes
  • Universal map

Satellite images

New section, congratulations. Simple function, it just offer many types of weather for different types of Earth. You can save your favorite images or sections if the current loaded image is too old. The date and time of image, when was downloaded, is displayed above the image (this satellite image is from 17:12, Saturday 26.07.2014).

  • USA
  • Flood level
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Central Russia
  • East Asia
  • Europe
  • Mexico
  • Middle East
  • Newlands Russia
  • Northern South America
  • Northwestern Africa
  • South Africa
  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Southern South America
  • Western Russia

Change text size

Do you think, that the text in the section Hourly or Current is too small or too large. Don't worry, you can set the new size of some text elements. You can see on the screen, that you can set percentually new text size.

Overview of update

You didn't remember, when you downloaded the weather data last time? Don't worry, you can see it in the menu on the bottom of the screen. Also you can see, how much time elapsed from the last download of the data.

Image behind widget

If you are bored of typical color of background of your widget, you can do it little more interesting. You can also set the weather image as background of your image. Here is a few steps how to do that.

  • put your widget on the screen of homescreen
  • open settings of specific widget, where you want to set background image
  • enable the option Background image
  • set the alpha channel of background color to the state, where you are able to see weather data but also background image is overlaped with colored view with alpha channel (first picture, if you don't understand, set Alpha channel slider from the interval of MIDDLE to the RIGHT anywhere).
  • confirm all changes with the YES ICON upper right
  • if the background doesn't show, wrote me the email through the app (in the section Settings is contact form) or check if you already download all images or try another UNIWeather widget if the problem still occurs

Data usage

If you need to be patient of data usage, you can take a look of downloaded weather data usage. Go in the section Settings, scroll down and you could find there row with the name Usage (image below). You can reset statistics by clicking and confirming the dialog. If you considered that the application downloads too much data, try to understand these things:

  • weather request returns xml response
  • try to check if the background service to download weather data is running or not (Settings -> row Update on background -> check interval
  • downloaded satellite images, maps or wallpapers are not counted in this statistics

Webcam quality

The politics of the website Webcams travel increased quality of webcam images. You can now finally enjoy better quality resolution of all images.

Widget data

I tried to implement all possible weather data types you can display in the widgets. So just choose that one, you want to request from the application UNIWeather.

Notification size

I add the option to resize the text in the notification or expanded notification (for 4.1 and above). You can also set visibility for text.

Popup icon - BETA

Some users asked me to add some faster way, how to update the weather data. So I added this popup icon. Just click on this icon on the left of the screen and downloading data will be initialized. You can also change position of this icon by simple dragging. If you don't wont to see this icon on the screen, go in the section Settings and there is row with the title Update window. Disable this option and the icon will dismiss.

Buy PRO?

You don't know, why some options in the section Settings are disabled. This features are enabled only for PRO users. There are also more reasons, why the PRO version is better:

  • remove limited lifetime of weather data
  • remove annoying ADS
  • remove orange annoying text on the bottom of the screen
  • unlock Autoconnection feature
  • unlock Warnings feature
  • unlock Custom warning notifications
  • support paid weather data
  • support development
  • buy me a coffee
  • make me a day :) (trust me, you will make)

and more

you can find in this application. Thank you for your time and have a nice day

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